About us

About us

Omega Educational Organization       

Ωmega is one of the oldest and well known educational vocational and training Organizations in Greece.

It was the outcome of his personal inspiration to establish a pioneering educational organization in order to upgrade young people`s education and training, by articulated study curricula and specializations which would meet the current demands of the labor market.

From that day until now, Omega has been providing to thousands of students the knowledge and skills required for their professional development. A large number of our alumni are currently high executive officers in various enterprises and organizations.

Omega is based on installations and laboratories of international specifications and standards and its competent teaching staff provides studying programs of high level. It is a dynamic educational organization, offering to the students confidence for the future and credibility, contributing to the achievement of its student`s goals.

For over than 50 years we offer educational programs for people older than 15 years old. (levels 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 -7 according EQF regulations).

In our facilities we house:
Istititution for vocational training
Center of Life long learnning
International and European Certifications
Aviation Academy
Summer school

Biophysical Environment, Neuroscienses & Learning Laboratory of the National and Kapodistrian Univesity of Athens

The Laboratory is directed by Prof. Dr. M. Tzani, who is the key instructor and responsible of the educational program of this summer course. Among its aims, the Laboratory has set the development of philosophy, within the content of neurosciences research and the impact of new technologies.

Creativity and innovation in education and learning are in the core of the focus of the Laboratory. In this context, it is interested in the application of the systemic approach conclusions for the ecumenical view of issues and their resolution.

The interdisciplinary research studying the human beings, the nature and the ecumenical human values, does not either confine itself to time limitations or is determined in narrow local limits. The selection of certain sectors of research, as thematic areas of intervention, aimed at the demonstration of the effect of the Humanitarian Sciences, to the formation of personality, as well as at the induction of the conclusions of Neurosciences to the social operation and behavior and to the cultural expressions (language, noesis, etc), through the prism of an ecumenical cosmic view as imposed by the new scientific and political facts of world society. With a deep understanding of the recent conclusions from the field of environmental research, to the application of new research and methodological tools in effective teaching, as well as of the recent results in the areas of physiology, biology and neurosciences to education, the Laboratory offers not only to basic and applied research and to its students, but also to the society, through the organization and the conduct of seminars, congresses and symposiums.

By comprehending the way the mind learns and consequently produces innovation, the participants in the summer course will be essentially qualified, in order to be more effective in their work, so as to further utilize in the best possible way more cognitive resources and opportunities in the


Whether in Malta or abroad the Board of Certification, Examination & Development organises a range of cultural and English language learning programmes in various Colleges accredited by the British Council throughout Europe, Canada, New Zealand and United States of Amer-ica for children, teenagers, adults, students and executives.

We provide educational solutions in summer camps which combine the learning of English/other languages com-bined with sport and cultural activities.

Fo r In t ern a t io n al S t u d en t sCreation of customised programmes for interna-tional university students according to the field of study.

– Courses in Maltese culture, history and language courses.

– Extended programme of cultural activities in-cluding visits to historical and archaeological sites of Malta.